Some of my experience includes:

Department of Defense - (Kennel Master) Camp Doha Kuwait. As Kennel Master I had direct supervisory
responsibility for the Bomb Dog Unit.  A Kennel Master supervises the care and the feeding of the
dogs, coordinates training and duty schedules, ensures that the administrative, accountability, and
medical records are maintained, obtains all training support requirements, and supervises the kennel
facility maintenance.

My Duties as Kennel Masters and required tasks :

1.        Knowing the mission of the Security Police unit in which the MWD unit is attached, and how the
MWD teams aid in accomplishing the mission.

2.        Knowing the threats to and vulnerabilities of personnel and resources being protected by the
teams which  include:

A.        Assisting leaders in preparing operating procedures and instructions for the utilization of the
MWD teams.

B.       Training handlers according to the operating procedures so those teams are operationally
efficient and dependable.

3.        Developing and implementing a comprehensive MWD team training program.

4.        Making sure that MWD teams are skilled in their team functions by frequently evaluating team
proficiency and duty performance.

5.        Making appropriate provisions for the health, safety, and care of assigned dogs, and ensuring
that each handler properly cares for his or her assigned dog.

6.        Making sure that each handler understands the physical and psychological characteristics and
capabilities of their dog, the basic principals of dog training, and the advantages of using MWDs for
Security Police missions.  Also, the Kennel Master will make sure each handler is properly trained to
detect and interpret the dog’s responses to persons, narcotics, explosives, or other stimuli to which
the dog has been trained to respond.

7.        Obtaining equipment and supplies for the MWD section, as needed.

8.        Advising anyone assigned operational control of the MWD teams on the best way to use them.

9.        Performing trainer duties whenever a competent handler is not available.


Experienced in the care, grooming, feeding, training and maintenance of individual dog and kennel
facilities.  Responds to and render Explosive K9 support to alarm activation, bomb threats, suspicious
package, and suspected improvised explosive device situations.  Work closely with Host Nation EOD
and K9 teams.  Provide in transit security of military personnel, supplies and equipment if required.  
Skilled in the employment of individual small arms ( 9mm Pistol and M16 Rifle).
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